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Aluminum Profile

We are an aluminum profile manufacturer from China. Our company locates in Linqu County in Shandong Province, which is famous for its rich aluminum alloy resource. Therefore, Linqu County is called ‘the City of Aluminum. ‘ We depend on such an abundant aluminum resource to provide an aluminum profile with first-class quality. We have completed a systematic and integrated construction to improve our product quality. At present, our annual production of aluminum profile reaches 800,000 tons.

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We have 5 aluminum profile factories, 5 industrial zones, and 2 industrial platforms. Among them, we build our own quality test center to guarantee every production reaches the standards. We can only launch into the market or deliver to our customers if the product meets all the criteria. In the past 20 years, our aluminum profile has been exported to 40 countries and regions. These aluminum materials gain good reviews from our customers.We also emphasize technology innovation and more optional product series, such as aluminum windows and doors. We established our brand, EOSS, paying attention to research and development of windows and doors. After 20 years of growth, Huajian has become perfect, and we will always aim to meet customers’ needs.