Advantages of Aluminum Furniture

“Be afraid of formaldehyde” Decoration pollution has become the biggest problem affecting the living quality.


It is a colorless, irritant and water-soluble gas. It is the aldehydes with the smallest molecular weight. Its 35-40% aqueous solution is generally called formalin

Formaldehyde in decoration pollution has been identified as carcinogenic and teratogenic substances by the World Health Organization. It is recognized as an allergy source and one of the potential strong mutagens.

  • High activity,Dissociation easily occurs
  • High toxicity,Cancer prone

Manufacturing 3 ㎡wood based panel 1kg urea formaldehyde resin is needed, and all urea formaldehyde resins need formaldehyde to be synthesized

About 90% of formaldehyde harm comes from wood-based panel furniture

Wood based panels all adopt
Urea formaldehyde resin as adhesive

The biggest disadvantage of urea formaldehyde resin: instability

This makes furniture a long-term source of formaldehyde emission
(Formaldehyde release period is 8-15 years)

Room distribution of Formaldehyde Emission in furniture

Bedroom, study, dining room, living room, bathroom, kitchen, cloakroom……

Could you name 3 environmental characteristics of bedrooms?

  • Long stay
  • High furniture density
  • Poor ventilation habits

What is aluminum furniture?

Aluminum Furniture

It refers to a variety of products with sitting and lying, leaning, supporting and storage functions, which are made of aluminum alloy extruded profiles as the main material, with the surface coating, skin sticking, PVC coating and other processes, combined with wood, bamboo, plastic, glass and other materials and other auxiliary materials such as leather, cotton, hemp, nylon and so on.

Aluminum Alloy Profile

Is a new type of structural material with light weight, high strength, good conductivity and thermal conductivity, beautiful appearance and environmental protection. It has excellent mechanical properties and processing properties. In recent years, it is widely used in automobile, aviation, construction and other important fields. Light weight; strong corrosion resistance; good heat resistance; not easy to deform; waterproof and moisture-proof, environmental protection recyclable, convenient transportation and installation, not limited by the size of 1.22 * 2.44 plate, can be used as ultra long and ultra-high specifications.

Powder Coating

The powder coating is made of epoxy resin/polyester resin/polyurethane, additives, pigments, fillers, etc. by mixing, smelting, grinding and other processes,Powder coating has the advantages that traditional coating does not have:

  • No benzene, toluene, xylene, methanol and heavy metals, no harm to human body and environment; no organic solvents, no VOC emissions, environmental protection.
  • No paint residue and pollution.
  • The product does not have the phenomenon of dropping or accumulation when the traditional paint is thick coated, and the appearance is more beautiful.
  • The mechanical properties of the coating are good, and the chemical resistance, corrosion resistance and electrical insulation are superior to the traditional solvent coating.

Impact resistance test, cupping test, bending test and other indicators are better than the traditional paint.

  • The surface hardness is more than 2 times that of traditional paint.
  • The salt spray test is more than 500 hours, more than 3 times of the traditional paint.
  • The resistance to humidity and heat reaches level 1 over 1000 hours.

Principle of powder electrostatic spraying

It is a coating method that powder coating particles are charged or adsorbed on the workpiece surface due to corona discharge and aerodynamic action of certain electric field strength.

Principle of wood grain transfer printing

According to the principle of thermal sublimation, the wood grain, stone grain and other textures on transfer paper will continue to penetrate through a period of time at a certain baking temperature. Most of the composite ink and powder coating will be combined to form a stable texture effect after cooling.

Hot laminating process

After surface treatment of aluminum profile by plasma surface processor, PVDF film is bonded with aluminum profile by pur hot-melt adhesive after high temperature heating and pressure by laminating machine, so as to change the surface of aluminum profile.

Advantages of lamination process:

  • It enriches the surface color and meets the personalized needs to a greater extent.
  • The appearance color of the film covered is various. The manufacturer can customize according to the user’s demand, which greatly enriches the appearance color of the product.
  • Simple fashion, in line with the trend of modern people.
  • Nowadays, young people mainly focus on the post-80s and post-90s, and pursue personalized and trendy decoration.
  • Effectively relieve inventory pressure and improve supply services.
  • Solve the cold touch feeling of aluminum material.

Aluminum Furniture VS Wooden Furniture

Direction of national strategic development

Abundant aluminum resources reserve

As the most abundant resource in the world, bauxite is abundant, accounting for 7.47% of the earth’s crust quality; The density is small, about 2700kg / M 3, which is 1 / 3 of iron and steel. It can be processed into a variety of semi-finished products and extruded into various hollow thin-walled sections. It provides materials for designing and manufacturing various kinds of furniture, and creates a strong material foundation for realizing the fantastic ideas of furniture designers.

Direction of national strategic development

Replacing wood with aluminum and steel with aluminum has become a global trend

  • As a national strategic reserve material, aluminum alloy can be used for aerospace, shell and bullet shell.
  • The state also clearly stipulates that all real estate sales will be mainly in hardcover. In order to create differentiated sales and environmental protection, it is now favored by real estate developers.

Exhibition of Aluminum household products

Aluminum Suite Room Door

The use of all aluminum frame will not be sagging due to damp deformation, and will not cause paint explosion.

These doors are super sealed, with better sound insulation and more environmental protection and safety.