What Should You Look for When Buying Aluminum Windows?

Windows are the “eyes” of a building and a vital part of a building, which plays the role of lighting, ventilation, and heat preservation. When people decorate and replace windows, most people prefer to buy aluminum windows. People favor aluminum windows because of their anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, high hardness, and long service life. So, the price has become the most careful issue for people. Of course, the quality is different, and the price is different. As consumers, how can we spend the least money to buy the best quality and most satisfactory aluminum windows? This blog summarizes the points you need to consider when purchasing aluminum windows. Keep all the tips in mind, and you will be able to buy satisfactory aluminum windows.

1 Which opening method is the best?

The most common opening methods in daily life are casement and sliding. In addition to folding aluminum windows, rotating and fixed aluminum windows are common. Below, let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages of these aluminum windows to help you choose the right aluminum frame windows.

aluminum casement window

Aluminum casement windows

Aluminum casement windows are a traditional type of window with the broadest range of applications, generally used for larger main windows. Casement aluminum windows have two types: inward-opening windows and outward-opening windows. The external casement window is easy to use and does not occupy indoor space. However, due to its opening outward, there are safety hazards. In bad weather, there may be a hidden danger of the window falling. As a result, several cities forbid high-rise structures from having outward-opening windows.

There is also a way of opening the outer casement window with an outward opening and an upper hanging. The upper-hung window can open a gap at an angle of 15-30, and the opened part is suspended outdoors. The rainproof effect is excellent. There is no need for aluminum window awnings. It is difficult for rainwater to enter your room, even though you neglect to close the top-hung windows.

The inner casement window opens inwards, and although it takes up indoor space, it is easy to clean. Such aluminum windows are well-ventilated and sealed, and there is no hidden danger of falling. The inner casement window can also be upgraded to a down-hung window. The hinge of the lower hanging window is installed on the bottom of the window, which is a window that opens inward. These aluminum windows provide better ventilation but are not rainproof. For families with small children, installing top-hung or bottom-hung windows can prevent children from falling.


aluminum sliding windows

Sliding aluminum windows characterize by not occupying indoor space, good lighting, a beautiful appearance, low price, and good sealing. The disadvantage is the limited ventilation area. Sliding aluminum windows are divided into horizontal and vertical sliding windows in different directions.

If you want to purchase sliding aluminum windows, you should consider the following points:

Considering waterproof, choose high and low rail stepped designs when choosing sliding aluminum windows. This refers to the movement track of the sliding window. The high track is close to the interior, and the low track is close to the exterior. This design makes it easier to drain and prevent rainwater from entering the room. Another notable is the drain hole. The high and low rails are designed to avoid seeping rainwater. How can the water in the rails be drained?

Reasonably designed drainage holes can resolve this problem very well. Therefore, when purchasing aluminum windows, check whether the drainage holes are correctly designed. In addition to the rails and drain holes, we also look at the lower sealing strip. The sealing strip will affect the air and water tightness of the window to a certain extent. Therefore, consider whether the sealing material can meet the sealing requirements when purchasing aluminum windows.

folding window

The folding window has a beautiful appearance and a particular opening method, so it is loved by young people. However, the shortcomings of this type of window are also evident. Its thermal insulation, sound insulation, wind pressure resistance, water tightness, and air tightness are inferior to casement aluminum windows and sliding aluminum windows. Therefore, high-rise buildings are not recommended to install folding windows for safety.

pivot window

The pivot window refers to the window whose window hinge is installed in the middle of the left and right sash and rotates along the window hinges. Typically, the upper half of the window opens inward, and the lower half extends outward. The advantages of this type of window are that there is less glass loss, rainwater is not easy to float in, and good ventilation and a beautiful appearance. Compared with the top-hung window and the bottom-hung window, the ventilation area of ​​the middle-hung window is the largest. The middle-hung window is conducive to indoor air circulation. It is suitable for places with high ventilation requirements, such as shopping malls, bus stations, etc.

aluminum fixed window

A fixed window cannot be opened by directly inserting glass on the window frame or fixing the sash to the window frame for lighting and viewing purposes only. It is typically employed to illuminate windows in stairwells, walkways, and particular regions of standard windows. Since the fixed window cannot be opened and closed, the ventilation and air circulation are poor, so it is generally installed with the casement window.

The above lists 5 kinds of aluminum windows for you to choose from. You can select the window that suits you after fully considering your needs.

2 Aluminum window frame color and style

Aluminum window frames are available in various colors to meet the aesthetic needs of different groups of people. Common technologies include powder coating, PVDF coating, wood grain, anodizing, electrophoresis, etc. These methods make it possible to paint the window frame. Aluminum windows can be made into dozens of colors of the same color scheme. Consumers can choose their favorite colors according to their preferences and combine them with the decoration style. For example, if your furniture or decoration style is European, you can choose white, gray, etc.

3 Good quality hardware accessories

An aluminum window consists of aluminum window frames, glass, and hardware accessories. A good window and its hardware accessories must also be excellent. But people often overlook hardware when shopping for aluminum windows. So, what do hardware accessories contain? Hardware accessories include handles, hinges, window hooks, etc. These little things combine to make the window work properly. In other words, once something in it breaks, the window doesn’t work properly.

When choosing accessories, it is difficult for the layman to distinguish the quality from the appearance. Therefore, for us to use aluminum windows for a long time and safely in the future, we must order aluminum windows from regular manufacturers.

4 Choose the right glass

The style of glass affects the overall harmony of your house decoration. The glass occupies most of the area of ​​windows, and the quality of glass affects lighting, thermal insulation, and sound insulation. There are many types of glass, such as insulating glass, tempered glass, PVC laminated glass, LOW-E glass, etc. As ordinary consumers, it is difficult for us to have an in-depth understanding of various types of glass in a short time. Next, I will briefly introduce their advantages and drawbacks. If you are interested, you can go to the home furnishing market to see the real thing and then decide whether to buy it or not.

Insulating Glass:

good thermal insulation performance. In summer, insulating glass can insulate heat. In winter, insulating glass can reduce heat loss.

Tempered glass:

high hardness, wind resistance, impact resistance, safety

PVC laminated glass:

good sound insulation, good explosion-proof performance

LOW-E Glass:

good thermal insulation effect

The choice of glass should also consider the application site, such as bedroom window glass. Priority should be given to glass with good heat preservation and sound insulation. For bathroom glass, choose those that are easy to clean and explosion-proof. In a bathroom with ordinary glass installed, the scale will quickly form on the glass after a few uses, which is difficult to clean. You can choose any glass if you are diligent and can clean it every day. If you want to be lazy, then choose frosted glass. Frosted glass is not easy to scale.

There are several types of glass mentioned above. If interested, you can go to the home furnishing market to experience the real thing and buy it.

Besides considering decoration and cleaning, you should take the weather into account. For example, you need to install aluminum storm windows if you live in cold regions.

5 Confirm whether to use the window mullions?

Suppose the window area is large to improve the window’s overall load-bearing capacity, wind pressure resistance, and safety. In that case, it is necessary to use the window mullion. Such as french windows, balcony windows, etc. So what exactly is a window mullion? It is very simple. You can observe the windows around you. Some aluminum windows are not a window but separate pieces of glass with the aluminum window frame. These pieces of glass and aluminum window frames together form a window. These aluminum strips are window mullions.

High-rise buildings and buildings in areas where there are frequent strong winds and typhoons must strengthen the window mullions. Only in this way can security risks be minimized.

5 Before placing an order, confirm whether the window’s material, color, thickness, and model are identical to those you purchased.
Before placing an order, read the contract carefully to ensure that the contract’s contents are consistent with the window you have selected. Ask the seller about the delivery time to ensure the decoration’s progress is on time.


There is too much that needs attention when purchasing aluminum windows. The above are just a few common points. Grasp the above points. It is enough for you to select the window you are satisfied with. Our company has special aluminum doors and windows brand EOSS, and we welcome your consultation.