Which Kind of Concrete Formwork is Best for High-Rise Buildings?

Different types of concrete formworks, like aluminum concrete formwork, are ideal for constructing high-rise apartments. Get to learn more about concrete formworks in this guide.


The construction of high-rise structures is on the increase due to the population growth in urban centers. Construction companies building high-rise buildings require using the latest technologies to make the building safe and long-lasting. Aluminum concrete forms are the best for building high-rise structures.

Additionally, there are various concrete formworks like concrete wood forms, steel concrete forms, concrete form plywood, and plastic concrete forms. Therefore, this guide will give you insights into types of concrete formworks, pros & cons, and more.

What is a Concrete Formwork?

Concrete formwork is a temporary mold structure that supports wet and fresh concrete. The formwork molds the concrete to a specific shape and size and aligns it in a particular position. The shuttering enables the damp concrete to harden and reinforce the concrete for the required strength.

Additionally, they are various areas where concrete formworks are used, like the construction of tunnels, bridges, buildings, dams, and many others. When the concrete attains the standard strength, you can strip the formwork for use in another place.

Different Formwork in the Construction Industry: Pros and Cons

There are different types of formworks in construction for concrete buildings. This section will delve more deeply into each formwork and its pros and cons.

So, the following are the different formworks in the construction industry.

  • Concrete wood forms
  • Steel concrete forms
  • Aluminum concrete forms
  • Concrete form plywood
  • Plastic concrete forms
  • Let’s take a look at each formwork.

1. Concrete Wood Forms

Also known as the timber formwork, the concrete wood form is ancient. The concrete wood form is mainly used for small-scale construction. This is because the wood shuttering is affordable and easy to use. When using a timber formwork, it should be in good condition. Timber is prone to attack from termites, while others don’t have a level surface.

Therefore, before choosing a concrete wood form for your construction purpose, ensure it meets all safety standards to ensure your mold gains the right strength and forms the ideal shape.


  • Easy to set up and split
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Ideal for small-scale construction works
  • Wood forms can quickly form shapes due to their flexibility


  • Short life span
  • Not the best for large construction projects because it is time-consuming to setup
  • Requires treatment before use
  • Prone to shrinking or warping

Therefore, when you compare concrete wood forms to aluminum concrete forms, it is best for small construction projects. This is because it is readily available.

steel concrete forms

2. Steel Concrete Forms

Steel formwork is the best when you want reusable formwork. This is when the construction project is repetitive, or the apartment has more floors. Also, steel concrete formworks are cheap when you have various construction projects. This is because it is cheap, and you will not need to purchase new steel forms every time.

Unlike timber formworks that are flexible thus, you can manipulate them into different sizes and shapes. The steel forms are obtainable in diverse sizes and shapes. There are circular steel columns, square columns, curved, and more. This will speed the construction process as there is no need for shaping.


  • Available in different shapes and sizes
  • Economical for large and repetitive construction projects
  • It has a high strength
  • Long-lasting
  • Fast to setup and strip
  • Steel concrete forms don’t absorb water from the fresh concrete
  • They don’t shrink and warp
  • Reusable


  • Heavy compared to aluminum formwork for concrete

Steel formwork is an ideal concrete formwork for your construction project. Additionally, using this form guarantees you fewer chances for the formation of a honeycomb surface.

3. Aluminum Concrete Forms

Mivan formwork is another name for aluminum concrete forms. This formwork is almost like the steel concrete form. Using this formwork is simple, economical, and fast to set up. Suppose you are building a high-rise building; consider using aluminum concrete forms.

Furthermore, it is efficient, and on removal, the surface is smooth, and no need for plastering.


  • Reusable for large construction projects
  • This formwork doesn’t suck moisture from the wet concrete
  • It is economical
  • Aluminum formwork provides a smooth surface hence no need for refinishing
  • Durable
  • Easy to install and dismantle
  • Long lifespan
  • Ideal for forming curves in a building
  • Less heavy than steel formwork


  • Expensive for small construction works

Aluminum formwork accessories like bolts, nuts, and clamps are used to ensure that the panel is firm to reduce the chance of spillage of the wet concrete.

concrete form plywood

4. Concrete Form Plywood

Plywood formwork is made from wood, mainly used together with timber. Compared to timber formwork, it provides a smooth finish. Concrete form plywood has the same strength, lifespan, and weight as timber concrete form. Additionally, this formwork is available in various thicknesses and sizes.


  • Lightweight
  • Available in various sizes and thickness
  • It provides a smooth finish
  • Best for decking, form lining, and sheathing
  • Installing and stripping are easy
  • A good alternative for large construction projects
  • Recyclable


  • If tampered with, they easily warp due to water absorbed from the wet concrete

Moreover, you can use concrete form plywood twenty to twenty-five times after the first use.

plastic concrete forms

5. Plastic Concrete Forms

The latest formwork in the market is plastic concrete forms. Plastic is lightweight and easy to use. Suppose you have a small building project; then consider using plastic formwork.


  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • It is adjustable because it has an interlocking system
  • Ideal for small apartment construction
  • Reusable


  • Installing and stripping requires an expert and can take a long time

Advantages of Aluminum Concrete Forms

Aluminum concrete forms are ideal for the construction of buildings. This formwork is best supposed you have a recurrent construction project. Although it is like steel concrete formwork, it is less heavy. Additionally, the Mivan formwork is economical for constructing high-rise buildings as it is expensive to purchase aluminum formwork for small construction projects.

Installing and stripping an aluminum concrete form is fast. Additionally, this form doesn’t absorb water from the fresh concrete. Also, it doesn’t form a honeycomb surface but a smooth surface that will not require refinishing. Furthermore, aluminum concrete forms have a large panel covering a large construction area.

Guide to Finding Aluminum Concrete Forms Supplier

It would be best to consider various things when searching for an aluminum concrete forms supplier. Considering these factors, you will get the best supplier for your aluminum formworks.

1. Product Safety and Quality

The supplier should guarantee you safe and quality aluminum concrete formworks. Therefore, you should ensure that the products meet the industry that the aluminum concrete forms quality assurance processes. Additionally, the product should have aluminum formwork accessories like the pin, wedge, tie rod, flat tie, wall bracket, hollow section, and more.

These accessories make the shuttering safe and stable to hold the wet concrete till it dries. Furthermore, the supplier should give you an installation guide that will aid you when setting up the framework. Another aspect that indicates a good supplier is a raw material used. Does the manufacturer use the best aluminum profiles? If so, then they are the ones you should consider.

2. Design Ability

Is the supplier able to design a curved or flat aluminum concrete form? The design capability of the supplier is critical in decision-making. This is because there are beams, floors, and more sections in construction. Therefore, choose the supplier if the supplier can provide you with the design, you want that can be used in various construction sections. When you get a cost-effective design that uses aluminum formwork for floors and non-floors, it will save on the cost.

3. Delivery Time

Does the supplier deliver the aluminum concrete forms on time? If the supplier has a record of good delivery time, then you will be working with the right company. Additionally, this will ensure that your construction project doesn’t stall. A key aspect of delivery time is the distance between you and the supplier. So, if you are exporting, you need to ensure that the product will be timely and that shipping is done on time. This will save you from starting your construction project late.

4. Communication

Communication between you and the supplier should be seamless and on time. Additionally, customer service should be knowledgeable about technical terms. This will make you have an easy time chatting with the support team. Also, you will get answers that will enable you to decide if you are working with the aluminum concrete form supplier.

Note: Avoid suppliers who take time to respond to your queries either live chat, call, or email.

5. Payment Conditions

What payment ways does the aluminum concrete form supplier accept? And what are the supplier’s conditions? These are crucial when sourcing a supplier for your concrete aluminum formworks. Ensure that they have a variety of payment methods. Also, you should ensure a payment agreement if you are shipping from a different country.

What are the Requirements for Good Aluminum Concrete Forms?

The following are the requirements of a suitable aluminum concrete form. They include;

  • Reusable: Ensure you can use the formwork multiple times in your construction project.
  • Waterproof: The concrete form should not absorb or leak moisture from the wet concrete.
  • High Strength: this aluminum concrete form should carry the live load, damp concrete, vibration, compacting, and force due to concrete pouring
  • Lightweight: it should be light to ensure it is easy to carry and portable


An aluminum concrete form is one of the best frameworks for constructing high-rise buildings. For a stable and safe structure, ensure that you use the best concrete formwork, depending on your construction project. Get to contact the best aluminum concrete forms supplier for high-quality products.