How To Remove An Aluminum Window?


How to remove an aluminum window? It is a common query that people want to know. It becomes essential to remove the old or damaged window instead of using it. The old windows become fragile after a specific time of usage. Or, you can change the design of the currently installed window. If you are finding this job to be challenging, let’s clarify. This window removal process is feasible for anyone only if they follow the steps below properly.

How to remove an aluminum window?

When was the last time you placed the aluminum windows in your house? You may not remember the exact time. That is because it happened years back, and since then, you didn’t pay attention to replacing the rusty, damaged, old aluminum windows. As you know, the aluminum frame gets weak with time and exposure to heat and water. Along with that, its paint might fade out.
When replacing these windows, you might encounter professional services. Such services always seem expensive for everyone. The most convenient yet easy way is to do this job yourself. For this, you would require some assistance and skills. So, follow the steps below and enjoy the entire process of how to remove aluminum windows.
Let’s get started with the task.

1. Observe the window frame

How to remove an old aluminum window is possible by observing the aluminum frame. The force you apply to replace the window differs for old and new types. If you find the frame very old, remember removing it would take a lot of effort and time.

2. Remove the screws

remove the screws

If the window has screws, then you have to remove these first. For the aluminum window replacement, you require a drill machine. A drill machine would make this job easier for you to perform. Otherwise, you could even take the help of a screwdriver, but it would take time to perform. When using the drill machine, be very careful while operating it. Wear the gloved and hold the drill tightly so it doesn’t slip off and break the glass after unscrewing.

3. Take off the glazing on the window

take off the glazing on the window

Glazing is an important step when you think of an aluminum glass window. It holds the glass tightly in the frame. Thus, the glazing is usually made from the vinyl that is rubber vinyl, but sometimes it is plastic. One of the most struggling steps is to remove it from the frame.
Whatsoever type of glazing is there on the window, start removing it. How to replace aluminum windows? It is quite interesting as you must get a hardware tool. The tool appears like a painter’s tool. One end of the tool is just like a scraper, while the other includes its handle.
Place this tool in the glazing and frame to separate the glazing from the window. Little by little, the glazing would start out coming. You are to repeat this process on the four sides of the window. By applying a little effort, you can loosen the glazing. If these are the old aluminum windows, it would require more effort. Instead of a scraper, you even use a putty knife.

4. Remove the caulk

Replacing old aluminum windows requires a putty knife or a prying bar. Make sure you carefully insert the tool between the frame and the caulk. As the caulk could be sticky, apply more force to remove it.

5. Remove the glass from the aluminum frame

remove the glass from the aluminum frame

Now, for the aluminum window replacement, take a heat gun. Follow the map of the frame and start heating the sides of the frame. At the same time, use the putty knife to loosen the caulk from the window’s glass. Once the glass loses its binding, tilt it and remove it.

6. Extracting the window frame out

After removing the glass, removing the entire window frame is the toughest job. You require another tool, which is a hammer. Yes, you must be a little brutal to remove the frame. The frames are very tough, and these don’t get off easily. How to remove an aluminum window, consider the window rail.
With the hammer, hit it on the rail of the window. Then, twist the rail to see if it is loose or requires effort. Repeating the process twice or thrice would eventually break the window rails. Similarly, you could dismantle the sash of the window too.

7. Removal of the sill

Replacing aluminum windows requires breaking the old window sill, the bottom-most area. So, take a hammer with the pry bar. Insert the pry bar in the window sill and push it with a hammer from the opposite direction. Now, keep pulling the pry bar to pull the aluminum sill. Thus, repeat this step on all four sides of the frame. You can also take a small wooden piece with an inch or two thickness. Place the wooden piece at one near the side of the window frame, and with a pry action, pull it out.

8. Clean the mess

After removing aluminum windows, now clear all the mess it created. You can use a thin bristled brush to clear the pieces of concrete, metals, rubber, etc. It can break the concrete or brick walls too. However, to remove the window, one should be very careful so that it doesn’t damage the surrounding.

Some important key factors to consider while replacing the window

How to replace aluminum windows is quite an easy process. However, remember to follow the key factors. Don’t hurt yourself by getting injured by glass when performing this job. As you break the window, the glass can sometimes shatter. Sometimes you want to save the glass for later use, or it is useless. Thus, always be very gentle when dismantling the glass of the window.
Also, wear proper gloves and Personal protective equipment. You should wear protective gear while drilling. Along with that, use proper tools for doing each specific step. Replacing aluminum windows is not so difficult.


How to remove an aluminum window might always trigger you. Although the process is easy, you must implement all the steps properly. Instead of keeping the old and damaged window, bring the new window ad immediately place it. It will save the cost you had to pay the professionals.