HUAJIAN’S New 10,000-ton Extruding Machine

HUAJIAN’s new 10,000-ton extruding machine started trial production on the morning of Feb 28 in the HUAJIAN NO.3 factory after long-term installation and debugging. Our production, management, equipment dynamic, and technical quality departments are all present and waiting to solve the possible technical problems. Then the large-size industrial aluminum profile was extruded from the new extruding machine, which shows the successful trial production and innovation.

extruder machine

The 1000-ton extruding machine is important for the modern manufacturing industry. Its smooth trial production will improve our aluminum profiles manufacturing capacity. This extruding machining will help the aluminum industry’s transition and high-quality development of Linqu County, ‘the City of Aluminum.’
Next, we will always keep pace with technology and contribute to the development of the aluminum industry.