Hurricane Impact Windows & Doors

Huajian is a leading aluminum window and door manufacturer in China. As a professional aluminum window manufacturer, we aim to serve all customers worldwide and provide individual window and door solutions.
We know hurricanes often hit some coastal regions. So, we are committed to providing more hurricane impact window options for our customers. In the past few years, we have smoothly finished the Barbados Sam rod Windham Hotel project. Barbados is an island country in North America frequently affected by hurricanes. We designed ES70 casement windows and ES110 lift and slide doors for this project to provide the safest impact windows. The Miami-Dade County Hurricane Testing and the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) certified the two types of windows and doors.
We offer our most premium impact windows and doors for you. We support customizing different hurricane impact window ratings to meet your local building code.

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Benefits of Impact Windows

High Wind Resistance Performance

Hurricane impact windows can withstand heavy wind in harsh weather. All the parts of a window must pass hurricane-resistant testing. So, impact hurricane windows are really strong to stand the storm.

Lower Noise Pollution

Impact windows are made of strong and thick aluminum profiles and impact-resistant laminated glass. This equipment can not only withstand objects impacting windows suddenly but prevent noise from entering inside.

Cost Effective

Impact hurricane windows protect your home from dangers in stormy weather. They improve safety and prevent some potential property loss caused by hurricanes. They have a long service time and only need a little maintenance.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Impact resistant windows work better than common windows. Impact resistant windows are made of multiple-layer glass compared with traditional windows. Therefore, impact windows have better insulation performance, especially in solar heat and UV rays.

Hurricane Impact window Case

Sam rod Windham hotel

Barbados Sam rod Windham Hotel

This hotel is located in St Philip, Barbados, where hurricanes occur frequently. Huajian specially designed ES70 outward opening casement windows and ES110 lift and slide doors. The ES70 casement windows achieve the highest level 9 of China’s window resistance building code. At the same time, the ES70 and ES110 have passed the Miami-Dade County Hurricane testing and AAMA101 testing.

Are Impact Windows Required in Florida?

Yes. But besides Florida, many coastal regions are often attacked by hurricanes. Those coastal regions also need to install impact hurricane windows to protect buildings and individuals from hurricanes. Hurricane impact windows have wide applications. They are required in most coastal regions, like the Caribbean region.

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